Soprano Ukulele 001

This project started out when my long time friend Zeke called to say that he was teaching a Ukulele making class at the Arrowmont School of Art and Craft and would I like to assit him for the week. If you have never been to Arrowmont I suggest you chcek it out. It is a magical place.

Having never built a Ukelele before I wanted to learn the process before the class started in order to better assist the students. So begain a quasi correspondence course with Zeke over the phone and email as I worked my way through the process. It turned out to be helpful for both of us as he was able to try things out on me and I got to experiment and ask questions.

In the week I spent at Arrowmont I learned so much working with the students and seeing the various ways that Zeke explained the process and solved issues as they came up. We had a wonderful class with both people new to woodworking and those that could teach a class themselves. Seeing everyones journey and the finished ukes and smiles at the end was a wonderful way to end the week.

The class with their finished Ukuleles