Tenor Ukulele 002

This Ukulele is one of a batch of three that are built out of a poplar tree that a friend of mine harvested from his property and generously gave to me a few years ago. The fretboard is a piece of scrap cherry and the nut and bridge are made out of leftover Corian samples.

I made this particular instrument for my father who gave me an early start working with tools and taught me to not be afraid of stepping into the dark unknown of learning a new skill.

This being only my second instrument build I have a lot to learn, so far my biggest takeaway has been to concentrate on each step of the process individually. If I try and think through the entire process at one time it can be overwhelming and I tend to get lost. If I take each step one by one and do my best at each process then the next step becomes apparent as I complete the prior one. To quote Ozomatli, “Giant steps are made in inches and snakes tend to scurry”